Unfurl the sails and take to the wind in one of Oregon’s great inland sailing destinations. Good winds are steady off the mountain, with ample room to navigate Detroit Lake’s 10-mile length and 32 miles of shoreline. Sailors will find gentle breezes in the lee of Piety Island and in the calm water coves created by the rivers and streams that feed Detroit Lake.

High in the mountains, plying crystal clear waters, that’s the Kane’s sailing experience — the only Detroit marina to offer sailboat moorage and support services.

When you click on the map, you can navigate the lake to find stunning photos of Kane's customers sailing, cruising, wave running, sunning, and go-fast boating. We invite you to explore one of the West’s most beautiful alpine lakes, and to discover why Kane’s is one of the premier marinas in the great Northwest.

Our day boats are great for cruising the lake and its many quiet coves, or as a floating dock for all kinds of group activities. Click here to learn more about our day boat rentals.